Africa spice, a leader in the industry with many years of experience in blending spices, is now available in Australia.

Our product range includes the following:

  1. Biltong spice
  2. Boerewors spice (2 different blends, one pure beef and one with beef & pork)
  3. Lamb spice (for lamb sausages)
  4. Pork sausage spice
  5. Marinades (peri-peri, etc, etc)

All spices are perfectly blended with all the necessary ingredients to give you the tastiest products, also making it very simple for anyone to use as nothing else but our spice is required. This is also the most economical way.

Our product is available from various places, for your nearest contact, phone either Evert at 0409 046 281 or Lauren at 0409 041 288.